PETEX 2024 Exhibitors

GESGB are delighted to be welcoming you back to the Exhibition show floor for PETEX 2024!

The Porter Tun Exhibition Hall at the stunning venue of The Brewery in London is the perfect location to host our vibrant and buzzing show floor.

Join other industry operators, service companies and professional organisations, and be part of the largest subsurface focussed E&P exhibition in the UK.

Take a look at the exhibitors you will see at PETEX 2024:

See the Floorplan here

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Bell Geospace

Full Tensor Gradiometry (FTG) technology enables precise mapping of earth’s gravity field and when coupled with gravity and magnetic surveying techniques brings comprehensive subsurface insights across large areas at low cost. Committed to excellence, our team delivers tailored solutions, ensuring optimal outcomes for energy, mineral, and geothermal exploration projects.


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Exhibition Stand 12

C&C Reservoirs

C&C Reservoirs has been a trusted provider of Analogue Intelligence since the mid-1990s, helping to aid the E&P industry to improve decision quality. Our objective is to add value through the E&P lifecycle by leveraging insights and intelligence from the world’s most important fields and reservoirs.

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Exhibition Stand 11


CASP is a not-for-profit geological research organisation conducting field, literature and analysis-based research in sedimentary basins. Visit our booth to learn about our North Sea focused geological carbon storage research, as well as review our wealth of legacy data on numerous basins around the world.

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Exhibition Stand 24


Cegal is driving digital success in the energy industry. We deliver cutting-edge hybrid cloud solutions, energy software, and professional consulting services. Our flagship petrotechnical cloud solution, Cetegra, is complemented by geoscience software and hydrocarbon accounting tools, technical consultancy for rock physics and ODiSI inversion studies, and subsurface data management.

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Exhibition Stand 10


CGG is a global technology and HPC leader that provides data, products, services and solutions in Earth science, data science, sensing and monitoring. Our unique portfolio supports our clients in efficiently and responsibly solving complex digital, energy transition, natural resource, environmental, and infrastructure challenges for a more sustainable future

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Exhibition Stand 40




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Exhibition Stand 39

Earth Signal Processing

Earth Signal has been providing leading onshore seismic data processing/imaging solutions for over 30 years. With 100% proprietary software, we offer a full suite of imaging tools including 2D, 3D, 4D Time-Lapse, Converted Wave, VVAZ & AVAZ, AVO inversion, Pre-Stack Depth Migration. ESP has built an excellent reputation as the 3D-Merge Experts.

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Exhibition Stand 29


EIFGEOSOLUTIONS (EIF) is entirely cloud based seismic data processing and imaging company providing services to the Oil/gas/Energy/CCS/Geothermal operators. EIF has zero carbon footprint, Highly experienced/dedicated EIF teams are delivering high end products at a lower cost and fast turn arounds.

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Exhibition Stand 35


Dedicated 100% to energy, Enverus is the industry’s most trusted provider of technology and insights. For E&Ps and service companies, the Enverus Global Scouting Network is the ultimate source for accurate and timely intelligence on energy projects and opportunities worldwide.

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Exhibition Stand 25

Flare Solutions 

Flare Solutions Limited delvers intelligent search and compliance software solutions, information management consulting and technical services to the international energy industry.


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Exhibition Stand 30


Geoactive provides high-quality digital products – Interactive Petrophysics and Interactive Correlations – for collaborative exploration and monitoring of any subsurface terrain.

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Exhibition Stand 41


Through passion for innovation and technology, GeoSoftware is the global trusted partner for advanced geoscience software and consulting services that enable the global energy industry to make the most efficient and accurate decisions that responsibly deliver global energy security. The GeoSoftware portfolio includes Jason, HampsonRussell and PowerLog®.

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Exhibition Stand 28


Tried, tested, trusted. Geoteric is a world-leading AI seismic interpretation software and services company with applications across the entire E&P lifecycle. From solving complex challenges in oil and gas exploration and production to CCS and near surface hazard analysis for offshore wind farm placement, Geoteric has led the analysis of seismic data for over 30 years, allowing energy companies to improve their business decisions.

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Exhibition Stand 2

Ikon Science

Ikon Science is a global provider of Software and Services for the subsurface. Our geopredictive and knowledge management software and service solutions are designed to optimize discovery, production, and storage. For more than 20 years, we have worked with energy multinationals and independents to extract actionable knowledge from sophisticated subsurface data.


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Exhibition Stand 27

Lynx Information Systems

Lynx offers petroleum data services and software solutions to the upstream industry, operating from offices in London. We bring together geological and geophysical datasets and serve them from the corporate archive onto the geoscientist’s desktop.


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Exhibition Stand 19


Metatek provides a unique insight into your geological challenges with market leading full-tensor gravity gradiometry technologies combined with an internationally respected team of experts. Imaging the sub-surface for mineral targets, oil and gas, renewables or hydro, Metatek has a tailored solution to fast-track your exploration timeline.

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Exhibition Stand 46

Moveout Data

Moveout Data is entirely focused on enhancing the usability and accessibility of geoscience data. Our mission is to deliver high-quality, cost-effective data solutions. Moveout’s experience and our own Metaseis software means we can overcome your data challenges quickly, creating optimised, process-ready data which will boost your competitive advantage.


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Exhibition Stand 26



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Exhibition Stand 22

Petrosys | Interica

Petrosys | Interica offer unparalleled software in geoscience and data management solutions. With a rich legacy of innovation and a deep understanding of the oil and gas subsurface domain, we empower clients with seamless integration capabilities, enabling them to navigate the complexities of modern Energy Landscapes with confidence and efficiency.

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Exhibition Stand 42

RISC Advisory

RISC is a global energy consultancy for petroleum, hydrogen and CO2. We advise and deliver on technical and commercial solutions for subsurface studies, acquisition due diligence, reserves audits, emissions verification and expert witness. We work with operators, non-operators, banks, and private equity firms from our offices in London, Jakarta, Perth, and Brisbane.

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Exhibition Stand 31


ROGII provides upstream oil and gas operators with world-class software solutions for well placement, real-time analysis, data automation, and operational efficiency for geology, drilling, and completions teams. ROGII’s software suite enables true seamless cloud collaboration and allows users to customize, analyse, and easily improve traditional workflows for greater precision and confidence throughout all stages of well placement.

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Exhibition Stand 37


Shearwater is a global marine geoscience and technology business. We study the ocean floor and beneath to discover natural resources. Energy companies use this information to plan ahead, helping us accelerate responsible use of the Earth’s resources.

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Exhibition Stand 33


At TGS, we aim to provide deep insights and understanding to support society’s evolving energy needs. Across the energy spectrum, through innovation and data-driven solutions, we utilize diverse sources of data, including our own, to create value-driven insights that enable you to make the right decisions.

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Exhibition Stand 43

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